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Summer Melodrama

Chaos at the Cannery


The tradition continues with booing, cheering and audience participation as we bring our popcorn throwing melodrama back for a 6th year! Back before the turn of the century … no not this one … the last century. That’s right … the year is 1881 and San Angelo is still one of the last great frontiers. The president is James Garfield, the flag has only 38 stars on it and the one big employer in San Angelo is the local cannery, purveyors of dried fruits, olives and of course their very popular fig marmalade. Chaos at the Cannery is the story of a new sheriff, a loyal family and a rowdy town. Mix in an ample amount of mayhem and mystery with a dash of heroes, villains, two generations of heroines, and you’ll get a good idea of what is in store for you.

Now sit back … take off your Stetson … grab a handful of popcorn to throw at the villain and prepare yourself … to return to a day when the men were strong, the liquor was stronger and all the women were heroines … well at least that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


Show Information

  • Venue: Be Theatre Black Box
  • Dates: August 3-19, 2018
  • Event Type: Play
  • Ticket Prices: $22.00
  • Recommended: Ages 10+

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  • Ticket Policy: Everyone needs a ticket including infants and children that will sit on your lap.

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